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We are looking for visionary people with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship who would like to join us as representatives and represent us in different countries worldwide. An associate partner will help reply to investors/entrepreneurs who reside in their own country and speak the same language. A partner is NOT limited to the country of choice and can still work worldwide. As a partner, your mission is to bring entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. This can be done through your networks or while you are attending conferences. You could be speaking about SINBEX and present it. You will have access to our network of investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs. So if you are interested to become one of our associate partner then please fill the Questionnaire below. Please note the following:

  • First of all, you should read more about Sinbex. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask us.
  • Fill our Questionnaire below to allow us to understand how we can cooperate together. Please do answer each question in details to be able to explore the potential we have.
  • After discussion, we will send you the agreement for a review. Please note that our agreement is standard and includes many clauses for future cooperation with Sinbex.
  • If you feel you want to add a clause to the agreement then please do and we will pass it to the legal team for review. Just please make sure you are using “Track Changes” when doing so, so that legal team can recognize and approve/modify what you have changed.
  • If we both agree to the terms, then we can sign the agreement together.
  • Once the agreement is signed, we will request more information from you to be included on our .


Some of these questions might require little planning and thinking ahead. We appreciate any efforts that you are going to do filling this document out and we believe it will be a good starting point to explore potentials and understand how we can proceed better.

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