What Life After This Global Recession Could Look Like?

The world is changing. It’s proven that a major transition doesn’t take much time. The world changed in 4 months. In this time of infectious disease epidemic the world is taking a lot of precautions. The whole world is in Lowdown, when the corona breaks out. The tragedy that has shaken the globe since the 1930 Great Depression is COVID 19. The magnitude and speed of this disaster is greater than ever. Sinbex Ventures is, like all others, extremely concerned about the situation. Catastrophic events have happened in every century before. Later then, came a new world order and  new man. Sinbex Ventures is very concerned about the situation like all others.

The case of Corona is no different. It is no longer the same world that we have seen in the past. It is not the same people that we have seen so far that in future will inhabit the earth. It is a sad fact that despite the great achievements in medical science, the world has not been equipped with the strength needed to deal with new viruses. Even with due diligence, the death toll in the developed world is in the thousands. 

In 2018, Canadian-American scientist and psychologist and author of several science books, Steven Pinker’s in his famous work – Enlightenment Now – , recommended by Bill Gates that everyone should read, said that we are living in the best times for mankind. Because we have been defeated by many diseases and hunger. But things are different now, the world has learned that the coronavirus is the epidemic that cannot be conquered. The man’s incompetence and powerlessness or the fact that man has something more to achieve in the medical field is explicit now. People like Bill Gates have predicted the onset of viruses that can be dangerous to mankind. We are now seeing how the microbes are invading the world, invisible to the naked eye. Corona has been taught the great lesson of humility that we, the helpless and the weak, can do nothing but look forward to the terrible catastrophes that are to come.

What will happen in the future? No one is certain.  As the social interaction increases the risk of infection, it is proposed to “lock down” and confine them to houses. Travel and personal freedom have been frozen until further notice. Churches, mosques, temples, borders and airports are closed. We are grappling with a situation we have not yet faced. All of this means that the world we are accustomed to is over. A new world will be born. Borders are being shut down, posing a serious threat to globalization.  The world is going through a severe financial crisis. It is no doubt that we are about to wake up to a new world where we encounter new things and challenges.

Social distancing has complicated things, but it has also brought some changes. Sinbex Venture foresees that even after loosening the hold of corona, people themselves would be more vigilant about their wellbeing and maintain a social distance, personally. During the lockdown period the e-commerce sector has developed a lot. This is predicted to continue even after the virus is driven out of society altogether. After this era the cautious people will opt for e-commerce for a very long time.

COVID 19 has facilitated global digitalization. A paradigm shift in the digital knowledge of the world has broadened the reach of digitalization and people have become more aware of the technology. In the post-recession era, people’s reinforced digital knowledge can be an asset.

Another transformation is likely to happen in the education sector. E- learning would be facilitated by most of the institutions in future. Advancements in the sector also include increased possibilities and opportunities in distance education programmes.

Life after a global recession could present societal challenges. Sinbex Ventures is really worried about the evil effect that would haunt the society for a long time and distract it from getting into a stable state. Unemployment is a major threat the world is about to face. The world won’t be financially stable and things would be digitized. In between our people would suffer to get an opportunity to get employed. This would make things worse. But Sinbex Ventures is very confident that we can give a hand in distress. If people would like to begin start up by themselves and beat the challenge of unemployment, you can trust Sinbex Ventures.

We are going through a situation that needs to be handled very carefully. The days are coming to witness a lot of changes and repercussions. Definitely it will be a new experience for the rest of life. Next comes a new world order, to face, to challenge and to survive!