SINBEX- A Platform that helps startups to achieve IPO successfully

SINBEX is a leading company that has been helping startups to achieve the required growth and scalability for years. A major factor that keeps all the startups from achieving the growth in finance. There is no doubt that a startup can get funds from different sources; for example, the angel investors. But sometimes they look out for other funding opportunities, something better. When it comes to better startup funding, they choose to go for an IPO. Well, this process is quite complex, and this is where SINBEX comes to play. It guides the startups, which have the potential to achieve great success, to go for IPO- Initial Public Offering.

With SINBEX, it is now quite easy to make your startup ready for IPO. Recently, SEBI has issued some new guidelines for the startups who want to go for an IPO to enjoy easier access to capital. Besides, it can also help in attracting new class investors. The time has changed now, and for startups, the process of getting IPO has been simplified. All thanks to the stock exchanges and market regulators who have been working for years to make it possible for a startup.

The big change in the IGP – Innovators Growth Platform policy is that it removes one requirement. Earlier, the startups need to show their three years of financial condition. Now, as per the new guidelines, a startup can move ahead in this process with Series B round. This generally occurs quite early in the journey of startup businesses.
Not all startups can become high growth company. It has seen that some startups struggle to get growth-stage funding. So, this is what leads to come up with a platform where they can raise funds from different sources apart from private investors and venture capital.

The IPO will open up many doors for different types of investors for investment. High-income individuals, financial institutions, and mutual funds all can participate here. What’s more? This brings great opportunities for angel investors to come up with an exit route.

The companies that are serving niche like IP, data analytics, technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, AI, robotics, holographic technology, and more are eligible to use IGP for IPO. Besides, these startups need to make sure that at least 25 percent of the pre-issue capital is with QIBs or any Accredited investors for around two years. The new IGP policy has simplified the way to get IPO for Series B upward startups.

SIBEX has come forward to help startups to make them eligible for the IPO. SINBEX helps the startup to get listed on such major investment platforms so that they can reach to more investors and get IPO to grow properly. It also helps them to deal with all the challenges that come in the listing route.

SINBEX is a reputed platform among startups. It is completely focused on measuring the exact need of the startups to scale them up and grow to an extent until they become an established business.