Startup Accelerator India- Everything That You Should Know About

Startup accelerator India

In simple words, a startup accelerator is a type of organization or firm that helps startups and new entrepreneurs to get success with their new business unit. Such firms primarily focus on offering required resources, funds, mentorship, and professional advice to startups and new businesses so that they can enjoy success. They may not provide startups with dedicated office space, but they may offer an ideal workspace. Sometimes, they offer shared resources. These firms are free to get involved at any stage of business development. For example, idea generation stage, profit-generation stage, and more. But most of them prefer to focus on the startup’s early stage. Well, this is the stage where most new companies need professionals’ help.

Speaking more about it, in the acceleration programs, startups area generally admitted 1 to 3 bathes every year. Some accelerators focus on a particular stage, industry, technology, and market. On the other hand, some are centralistic. If you are planning to establish a startup in India, then it will be better for you to take the help of a professional Startup accelerator India

Understanding the startup accelerator India process

1. Apply to get selected

Remember that it is not easy to get selected by a startup accelerator in Delhi. It has been observed that among all the applicants, only 5 to 10 percent of the startups get selected by the Indian accelerators. During this stage, you should interact with the accelerators and find more about them. There will be no obligation to join the accelerator program. So, for the best result, make sure that you are choosing the best accelerators. 

2. Funding

Do you know why most of the startups and new entrepreneurs choose to go for a startup accelerator? Well, the answer is money. Most of the well-known accelerator like SINBEX offers startup funding in exchange for some portion of the equity in the startup. Besides, they may set to receive around 20 to 25 percent of profit. However, don’t think that it will be quite easy for you to obtain funds from them. It depends on a lot of factors. 

3. Focus

A significant advantage of such a system is the force of focus on the startups. Most of the startups or new entrepreneurs generally put under three to four months of the processing period. You will get a co-workspace for that. This is a crucial time for all the participants. The experts will analyze how you focus on the business and will evaluate the progress level. 

4. Learn

Don’t think that you have learned all the things and can manage your business. The best Startup accelerator in Hyderabad, like SINBEX, offers a perfect chance for startups to learn new things. You may be exposed to mentorship programs, workshops, seminars, and more. While attaining such programs, you will learn a lot of things related to how to launch a new business unit, how to prepare a pitch and more. 

5. Networking

During your acceleration period at a startup accelerator, startups will get a lot of opportunities to develop a network. Here the network means getting connected with industry support provides, VCs, angel investors, and more. To raise funds in the future, that connections will be beneficial. So, participate now and try to build a better network. 

6. The final day

On your final day, you will have to give your presentation. You will offer your pitches in front of active investors or angel investors. So, present the information confidently and accurately. Don’t make any hurried action. If you want to impress the investors, then explain to them why they should choose your startup for investment. 

Should you go for an accelerator program offered by Startup accelerator India?

Well, the fact is, it depends on you whether you should join a Startup accelerator in Bangalore or not. It is not at all mandatory. In fact, there are some entrepreneurs and startups who are making millions of profits without participating in any startup accelerator programs. However, the situation under which you can prefer to join accelerator are: 

  1. If you have no restriction on relocating for 3 to 6 months. 
  2. If you can easily afford to invest 100 percent of your time while working on your startup. 
  3. If you are looking for small startup funding. 
  4. If you are ready to thrive in a high-pressure environment and to learn new things from others. 
  5. If your startup includes two founders, then it will be better for you to join the accelerator program. 

Exploring the benefits of joining with Startup accelerator India

1. Better support to start your business

Whether you have experience or not, running a new business is quite difficult. The reason is you may not have sufficient knowledge about the basics. This is where you can always take the help of a professional Startup accelerator in Delhi. When you work with such an organization, you receive all the significant supports from mentors and angel investors who are investing in your firm. After all, it is good to have expert support from your side. 

2. You learn a lot of activities

Even though the programs are organized for a short period of time, you will learn a lot of things during that time. An accelerator program generally includes a lot of activities like feedback sessions, presentations, meeting with industry experts, investors, social activities, and more. When you go through all these things, you will gain confidence and learn a lot of new things 

3. Access to investors

It is not an easy task to find investors who will invest in your startup. Well, even though accelerator programs don’t offer much when it comes to funding, but the programs enable you to get connected with the interested investors. So, prepare an excellent presentation on your business and don’t miss a single chance to impress the investors. You need to realize that you have a business that has the potential to earn a good percentage of return. 

4. Helps in developing some skills

The accelerator programs organized by the Startup accelerator India primarily focuses on teaching startups the skills that are quite vital for running a new business unit. Some of the skills that you can enhance through such programs are marketing & sales skills, finance skills, communication skills, some types of technical skills, and more. On the other hand, the program helps you to share your skills with others, providing a testing ground to evaluate the skills that you have. 

5. Effective risk management

If you are planning to launch a startup, then get ready to deal with the risk of failure. Well, this is natural. But there is something that you can do is to lower the chances of failure. A startup accelerator India cab detect the hidden risks within your business model. After that, they will help you to minimize them. On the other hand, they also guide you on how to deal with the risks and manage them properly. 

So, don’t take any chance by setting up and running a startup by yourself if you are not confident about it. There is no need to take the risk when you can easily take the help of accelerators like SINBEX. So, go on and join different startup accelerator programs to begin your journey.