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We know you have great plans for the startup you select and we want to help you make them a reality. Join us! Why join SINBEX? SINBEX is looking to have always new investors who are interested to invest in startups. We invest in PEOPLE with passion, with high-impact, far-reaching ideas and an undying passion to pursue their dreams. We have a unique model called “co-delivering” which enables entrepreneurs to start a. We will help you by doing the due diligence and make sure that the startup is worthy of investment. In many cases we will invest ourselves as well. We’ve invested in many startups till now & have about 20 patents to our name BUT we aren’t done yet! We need your help. We have creative startups which are looking for raise capital. Our investors will get priority about invitations to events and will only review startups that are suitable for what they are looking for (geography, stage, industry). If you are interested to add your name to the list of our top Investors and notify you about startups that might be interesting, please read the process below

  1. Please tell us what industries you want to focus on, what stage and how much do you invest usually in the Questionnaire below.
  2. Once you fill the Questionnaire, we will include you on our list of top Investors (only in case you approved that).
  3. We will send you the list of SINBEX startups that are seeking to raise capital.
  4. You tell us which of those companies are interesting to you and we can provide further details.
  5. We will share the details of the company: founders, stage of the product, MVP validation, revenue and cash flow if any, funding required and vision.
  6. Please note that any company that we are presenting to you has gone through our validation model and thus we are ready to invest in it as well.

Stay Comfortable, Stay Confident. You are in a safe hand where the trust builds with SINBEX deliverables and hands-off experience to drive the investment in a much organized way.

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