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The company SINBEX VENTURES comes on the 2nd level of Hand-holding prospective startups ,after Incubation, where Startup looks for growth and Scalability with second round of funding and increase in growth of its revenue and also to expand in multiple geographies. here, SINBEX plugs in its advanced service Infrastructure and offerings to scale them for their growth to become a successful corporate.

Whereas SINBEX extends its association to offer exclusive service to on-boarded Startups , to scale them up by giving them executive management experience with entrepreneurial acumen. By helping them to scaleup in advanced level by putting right strategy & Planning and helping them to scaleup with next funding rounds.

Sinbex catalyzes all three stakeholders - Entrepreneurs, Corporates and Investors to meaningfully engage and find synergies for mutual success by providing a framework where the finest ideas are curated, researched, validated, refined, productized for scale and partnered with Corporates.

This is achieved through their global centers of excellence where the finest minds work seamlessly with Corporates, Investors & Entrepreneurs alike. It provides these breakthrough businesses through state of the art serice infrastructures, technology development , Marketing & Business Strategy implementation , specialists to enable effective technology transfers, entry into global platforms for market access and an investor network that supports the journey to its logical end.

SINBEX Deal Structure

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Business Analysis

Key interventions

  • Defining the Business Model
  • Market Sizing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Pricing Strategy
  • GTM Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis

Key Outcome of the Interventions

  • Understanding on brand positioning
  • Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning of various Services offered
  • Building out client persona
  • Should be able to chalk out GTM Roadmap
  • Development of Pricing Sheet or calculation of pricing methodology
  • Tracking competition to based on value curve analysis

Key Objective Achieved

Tracking competition to based on value curve analysis concept of systematic pricing based on the value perceived by the customer, various approaches to channelise marketing efforts and how the competitors are positioned in comparison to your solution

Financial Planning & Analysis

Key interventions

  • Key Driver Assessment
  • Key Metrics Analysis
  • Revenue Modelling
  • Annual Budgetiang
  • Financial Modelling
  • Detailed Annual KPI led Plan
  • Process Set-up
  • CBA planning system
  • Reporting System Development

Key Outcome of the Interventions

  • Understanding on how devise and deploy key metric-based plans for Sales and other key drivers of the business
  • Understanding on how to perform basic annual budgeting to understand the visibility on cash flow and planning of finances and funds
  • Understanding on to build systematic Financial Model
  • How to plan fund raise activities based on key outcome of the model
  • How to achieve the targets set in the in financial model with KPI led plans
  • Able to devise quarterly MIS reporting for management to focus on key milestones of business and quickly take action when necessary

Key Objective Achieved

Develop clarity on the key value that is driving your business, the important metrics that indicates your financial performance, the ways to monetise your solution and what is the expected cost of operations. Planning a systematic business growth based on KPIs and ROI based projections with firm processes in place



1. Technology Transfer

“Research transforms money into knowledge … technology transfer transforms knowledge into money.

At IC1101 , Our Technology transfer (TT) refers to the process of conveying results stemming from scientific and technological research to the market place and to wider society, along with associated skills and procedures, and is as such an intrinsic part of the technological innovation process. Our Technology transfer covers the complex value chain linking research to its eventual societal deployment. This begins with the discovery of novel technologies at research institutions, followed by the disclosure, evaluation and protection of these technologies. The next steps include marketing, potential licencing agreements and the development of products based on the technical inventions. The financial returns of these products can then, for instance, be used for further research.

2. Technology Trading

With An aim of Technology monetization and commercialization, IC1101 trades with industry leading Technology products and services.

We offers, licensing, patent rights accumulation, Technology valuation & strategy and consulting and patent mapping/landscaping. Our experts have a wide scope of expertise in the monetization and commercialization of intellectual property & Technology and its impact on the international economy

3.Product Placement

Product placement, also known as embedded marketing, is our specialised marketing technique where the references to specific technology or products are incorporated into another Business domain or vertical to scale up the prospect of Technology . Our PP division is developing breakthrough process on product placement that can seamlessly insert a New Technology into an existing related product segment , including the ability to replace existing labelling. , deciding as to which industry whether in India or outside India, will the product be pitched in, and the business model finalization with industry relevant data will be assisted to by IC1101.Inc.

4. Technology Development & Capacity Building

Our Technology Transfer Capacity Building Service supports the development of the necessary technical competences, human capital and skills needed to successfully commercialise research and early-stage technologies. This entails the provision of knowledge, methods and tools for the identification, evaluation and protection of technologies, management of intellectual property rights, business development, and negotiation of commercial deals.

5.Technology Funding & Investment

SINBEX helps in Connection of early stage smart investors with technology-based start-ups in innovation ecosystems . The main focus is to exchange best practices in supporting investment readiness for technology-based scale-ups

and start-ups and understand the requirements for developing Fundable projects .

Our Technology Funding Assistance is a way of unlocking funds for technology businesses and Scaling up by Equity Sharing , without sacrificing control over the intellectual property

6. Technology Sub-Component Prospect

Building deep tech Prospect in the existing technology by breaking down the overall product into Sub-Components level and helping find opportunities, into respective technology segment whether in India or outside India as the need/requirement may be.

7. Technology Distribution

Only by developing and adapting market mechanisms and risk-return methodologies for Technology Products , we distribute the relevant technology in financial markets, professional bodies, government policies and international trading Markets .


1st level of Engagement : ( Fixed )

Retainership Fees + Equity , at the time of signing the agreement. Sinbex Team will help for Fundraise. Time frame for a successful fundraise is 60-90 working days Appx..with a success fee of 5% fixed .

1st Milestone :

Once the company receives the Funding through Sinbex Angel Investment Network, Sinbex extends its service with market outreach, technology transfer and strategy handholding services with monthly retainership fees.

2nd Milestone : 

Further more when the company leads for Global Business Expansion, Increase in revenue and hence further go for next round of VC funding through SINBEX, an additional Equity + Success fee will be applicable on the achievement .

Startup to IPO :

With an exclusive service of Startup to IPO , Sinbex ensures that the deserving startups must qualify to all the Parameters of IPO and hence , Once they get listed in BSE , an Additional Success fees is Applicable.

Do you have a startup that has the potential to witness better growth in the future and looking for the best Angel Investment in India opportunities? You can always trust SINBEX- Startups’ International Business Exchange for this.

We understand the importance of adequate finance for a startup. That’s why we have developed this platform to let them explore profitable Angle Investment in Delhi opportunities. We choose the startup through an intensive process, and our in-house developed startup selection software. By helping them in finding Angel Investment in Mumbai, we are helping then to grow their new businesses.

Apart from offering then Angel Investment in Bangalore, SINBEX is also committed to offering all the required assistance to let the young entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. Join us now and explore the Angel Investment in Hyderabad investment opportunities in different sectors with huge potential. We bring a platform where the startups, investors, as well as founders can learn, invest, and grow together.

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