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How long do we keep piling up distressed Startups and Investors? The industry which brings out the maximum revenue for a country’s economy is under stress and someone at this point should step ahead and take an initiative. And with this mission, we arrive as SINBEX – Startups’ International Business Exchange.

Although you may find tons of Incubators and Accelerators but at SINBEX, we bring the experience which is the exact need of a Startup in order to make them perform & Deliver.

We at Sinbex are completely focused on measuring the exact need of a Startup to scale them up and grow to an extent till they become a established Organization.

Sinbex is Entirely Different !!

Technology Transfer

1st of its kind which offers Technology Transfer Globally for deserving Innovations from our Startups.

Global Business Exchange

A suitable platform to just qualify and start exchanging Business Opportunities among SINBEX is cohort and also with Corporates worldwide.

Global Investment Opportunity

When Investment is the backbone for the growth of all Startups, SINBEX tied up with worldwide investment platforms along with Pool of Investors.

Apply as a Startup

If you think, you are deserving enough to understand the value of SINBEX and bring out your dreams into reality, you are just a click of a button away!

Apply as an Investor

Stay Comfortable, Stay Confident. You are in a safe hand where the trust builds with SINBEX deliverables and hands-off experience to drive the investment in a much organized way.

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Mentorship is about giving startup founders the tools you wish you had when you were in their position. It’s about giving back and just as importantly, learning new things. Offering structured mentoring to your team and embracing mentorship for yourself, is a powerful way to help your new business avoid failure and accelerate brand growth. We at Sinbex, will keep bringing the top mentors of world to get handful experience with them..

We at Sinbex are completely focused on measuring the exact need of a Startup to scale them up and grow to an extent till they become a established Organization.

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Entreprenuership begins with curated methodology.
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Its time to become an active Strategic Investor.
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Innovation drives the growth of a Corporate and it emerges from our Innovation hub.
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Selection Process & Criteria

Online Registration

We welcome all Technology based Startups who has a break through technology.

Goes to an automated IRR process

The Sinbex IRR process evaluates the ratings of the Startups, which filters the most deserving ones.

Jury Selection

The toughest level, where the top and eminent Jury members of the domain finally Qualifies the Startup to get on boarded to SINBEX.

Our Exclusive Offerings


Exclusive Offerings

Well Equipped Labs
Global Funding Platform
Corporate furnished office
Patents & Technology Transfer

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